Doctors Council SEIU Statement in Response to the President’s Executive Actions on Immigration Issues

As the union of doctors in healthcare systems in several states across the country, we are deeply dismayed by the recent statements made and actions taken on immigration by President Donald Trump. The front line doctors in public hospital systems have been at the forefront of providing care to all those who walk through our doors regardless of their country of origin or immigration status. We are committed to continuing to provide care to all individuals who need our help.

Many of our doctors in public hospital systems, along with so many other healthcare providers, are immigrants. Our immigrant doctors, like all of our members, have dedicated their professional lives to public service often working in very demanding settings.  Our healthcare systems are stronger because of the commitment of our immigrant doctors who understand the cultural backgrounds of patients and can effectively provide culturally competent quality care for some of our most vulnerable patients.

Foreign-born individuals and families in our communities who need healthcare access should not live in fear of walking into a hospital.  Doctors Council SEIU is pledging its support for the health and welfare of immigrants. We urge the management of our hospital systems to ensure that we continue to welcome all individuals who need our help.

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