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Since 1959, we have won better working conditions to provide the best possible care for our patients. We invite you to join us in this movement. Unified, we have the power to resist the corporatization of medicine and forge a resounding voice.

We represent doctors across the United States and we are growing.

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Doctors Council SEIU

National Office
Broadway, 11th Floor, Suite 1101

New York, NY 10004


New York/ New Jersey area: 212.532.7690

Illinois/ Midwest Region: 312.588.7612

National Toll Free Number: 855-DOC-SEIU / 855.362.7348

Fax Numbers

New York/ New Jersey Fax: 212.481.4137

Illinois / Midwest Region Fax: 312.337.7768

National Toll Free Fax: 855.362.7329