What we offer

We are taking back and transforming medicine one health system at a time.

We empower ourselves to fight for our patients both inside and outside of the workplace, spending our time and resources to strengthen our communities.

We strive to protect and maximize our professional autonomy, reduce barriers to care, and build a more sustainable profession so we can do what we love most–serve our patients.

Our services

Doctors Council works for its members.

Through the Collaboration Councils we work in innovative partnerships with administration to identify and implement quality improvement projects in some of the largest public health systems in the nation.

We advocate on behalf of our patients in and outside of the workplace, volunteering our time and resources on important political and community issues.

We protect and strengthen our members’ voices in the places where we work and in healthcare.

We win strong contracts and fight for their enforcement through labor management meetings, grievances, and arbitrations when necessary.

We also administer supplemental benefits for our members through welfare and benefit plans as well as additional benefits through SEIU.

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"As unionized doctors, we advocate not just for the health of our patients, but for the wellbeing of our fellow physicians. Together, through unity and collaboration, we strive to nurture healthier communities and a stronger profession. Join us in our mission to champion both the care of our patients and the dignity of those who provide it."

Frances Quee, M.D. Pediatrician, President

Our Events

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Explore our vibrant calendar of events designed to enrich and empower our community of physicians. From bargaining sessions and committee meetings to political events and advocacy campaigns, our events foster collaboration, learning, and camaraderie. Stay updated on upcoming gatherings where you can connect with colleagues, exchange insights, and contribute to shaping the future of healthcare and building your union. Join us in advancing our collective mission through participation and engagement.

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Membership Meetings

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