The organization

Who we are

In a time when health care is rapidly transforming, it is Doctors Council’s mission to ensure that the voices of frontline doctors and our patients are heard and respected when decisions about health care delivery are made. We are a physician union, and we work to win contracts that recognize the valuable work of our members, improve the patient care experience, and create an environment where doctors and patients are treated with dignity and respect.

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Our history

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Our beginnings

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The merger & the affiliation

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Organizing victories & growth

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Our mission

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Doctors Council unites doctors, patients, and the communities we serve, advocating for quality, affordable health care for all. We are frontline doctors from New York to Illinois to Minnesota and Wisconsin, working together in hospitals, clinics, and in public health, to achieve the highest standards in quality and working conditions, to win safer staffing levels, and empower doctors to do what we do best—caring for our patients.

Universal Access to  Healthcare

Doctor-Led Decision Making

Respectful Work Environment

Advocating for Healthcare Policy

Ethical Practic Environment

We represent doctors across the United States and we are growing.

"Doctors Council is bringing frontline doctors together from around the country, to improve quality and accessibility to care, to advocate on behalf of our patients and our profession, and empower doctors in their workplaces in everyday decision making which affects patient care and our working conditions."

Frank Proscia, MD, Psychiatry, New York City

Our members

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Doctors Council is composed of every type of doctor from anesthesiologists to surgeons, from cardiology to MFM. Our members include primary care physicians, dentists, and both in- and out-patient doctors. Whether a pediatrician working in a clinic or a specialist in interventional radiology, our members work together to advocate for our patients and our profession.

We are frontline clinicians standing together as a physician union. We work in clinics, hospitals, schools and many different care settings. We work for academic medical centers and various types of health systems and facilities. We do research and publish. We write grants. We teach residents and medical students. We are constantly learning. Whether delivering care or speaking up for our patients and communities, we put patients first, using the strength of our collective voice to advocate for the betterment of medicine.

Our diversity is our strength. We are new doctors just out of residency and fellowship, and we are doctors with years of attending experience under our belts.

Our leaders

Frances Quee, M.D.


Robert Mishkin, M.D.

1st Vice President

Jay Hochsztein, M.D.

2nd Vice President

Roberta Leon, M.D.

3rd Vice President

Lauren Woertz, M.D.

4th Vice President

Lawrence Rezkalla, M.D.


Sheena Nandi, D.D.S.