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Excellence in care

In 2014, we sent a white paper (policy paper) to the new mayoral administration and incoming head of HHC (now H+H) to assert our leadership in the ongoing health care reform and offer insights and solutions from the perspective of frontline providers.

We surveyed our membership on quality improvement; in addition, we conducted a bargaining survey for our new contract to gauge issues of importance and determine contract priorities.

Currently, there is a series of ongoing QI pilot projects at multiple hospitals and clinics which require doctor input and involvement in areas to benefit patient care. Areas currently being addressed include, cycle time and flow through in emergency departments, wait-times, scheduling and templates in outpatient departments, census and patient recruitment and retention, use of electronic medical records, and improving patient experience and satisfaction scores.

"Doctors Council unites doctors, patients, and the communities we serve, advocating for quality, affordable healthcare for all and fighting to improve quality, win safer staffing levels, and do what we do best–caring for our patients."

Karen Hoover, MD, Internal Medicine, New York City

Patient advocacy

Achieving strong contracts is vital for ensuring a safe work environment and empowering doctors to advocate for patients. Collective bargaining agreements offer transparency and mechanisms for dialogue with administration. As a collective, Doctors Council enables effective expression of needs and concerns, fostering engagement and leadership in healthcare amidst significant change.

Voice At Work

Doctors Council empowers doctors to voice concerns collectively, fostering engagement and leadership in healthcare amidst significant change. Strong contracts ensure a safe work environment, enabling doctors to advocate for patients effectively. Collective bargaining agreements provide transparency and mechanisms for dialogue with administration.

"Being unionized as a physician is crucial for regaining autonomy and ensuring well-being and survival of our profession. If we don’t take matters like these into our own hands, then corporate healthcare wins. Through Doctors Council, we can better advocate for our patients without fear of retaliation. Unionizing is the beginning to a solution for moral injury and burnout. It empowers us to have a stronger voice in decision-making processes and work towards creating a healthier and more sustainable work environment."

Alia Sharif, MBBS, Hospitalist, Coon Rapids, MN

Success stories

Doctors Council empowers us to reclaim our autonomy in healthcare. By providing a collective voice for physicians, we can advocate for patient-centered care and resist the encroachment of corporate interests in medicine. Through solidarity and negotiation, our union safeguards physicians' rights, ensuring fair compensation, reasonable work hours, and maintaining ethical standards. By uniting against corporatization, doctors can uphold the integrity of their profession and prioritize the well-being of their patients above all else.

"Learn why Dr. Chris Antolak and colleagues are fighting the corporatization of medicine through union formation. Their unity aims to protect autonomy and elevate patient care above corporate agendas. By organizing, they strive to maintain professional integrity and keep healthcare decisions in the hands of those committed to patients' well-being."
Doctors Council has, at its core, my and my patients’ interests at heart, advocating for us like nobody else ever has. My colleagues and I benefit from having a seat at the table, compensation increases, and peace of mind.

Karla Anderson, Psychologist, Cook County, IL

While we work on big issues that impact our patients, we also ensure that traditional workplace issues are covered. I feel good knowing that as Doctors Council members, we have the strength and support of our organization when concerns arise.

Yaroslav Bukharovich, MD, Internal Medicine, New York City

Being unionized is the sense that physicians and healthcare providers are gaining back the power to advocate for our patients, our communities, our autonomy to practice medicine, and our own physical and mental wellbeing.

Peiyi Wang, MD, Plymouth, Internal Medicine, MN

Benefits in joining

Joining Doctors Council means being part of a community dedicated to elevating the practice of medicine and ensuring the welfare of physicians. As a member, you gain access to invaluable resources, advocacy, and collective bargaining power to negotiate fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. Together, we strengthen the voice of doctors, empowering us to deliver optimal care to our patients while safeguarding our professional rights and dignity.

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