November 28, 2023

Signed and Delivered: Doctors Voice Their Concerns Over Bargaining

Dear Roy Park, PAGNY Chief Human Resources Officer

We are writing to you as members of Doctors Council SEIU, and physicians who are dedicated to the mission of PAGNY and to the communities of New York City we serve, to express our immense disappointment in PAGNYs decision to hinder our ability to participate in bargaining. 

Fairness, respect, trust, transparency and collaboration are eroded when PAGNY attempts to exclude us from the bargaining process. By doing so PAGNY is undermining and jeopardizing its relationship with the doctors it employs. We believe it is vital for us to be involved and have a seat at the table for making informed decisions that directly impacts us and the patients we serve.

We participated in a professional manner without disruption or interference during the opening
negotiations as our schedules allowed. There was no disruption in services as our patients are our
first priority. We implore PAGNY to reconsider its position and allow us, your employees, to
participate in what is very important to us, our patients and our families.